Zhuri James
Born October 22 2014 () (age 6)
Cleveland, Ohio
Parents LeBron James (father)
Savannah James (mother)
Relatives Bronny James (brother)
Bryce James (brother)
Gloria James (grandmother)

Zhuri Nova James (/zɜːriː/; born October 22, 2014) is an American celebutante who attends Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, Los Angeles. She is the daughter of National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar LeBron James.

Biography [edit | edit source]

James is the youngest child of National Basketball Association player LeBron James and Savannah James. Both of her parents were athletes in high school; LeBron played basketball and football and Savannah played softball and was a cheerleader. She has two older brothers: Bronny and Bryce. She has a bulldog named Indigo.

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