Zegarowski Family
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from left to right: Michael Carter-Williams, Masey Zegarowski, Marcus Zegarowski, Max Zegarowski, Mandy Zegarowski, Zach Zegarowski


The Williams Family

The Zegarowski-Williams Family, better known as the Michael Carter-Williams's family is one of the most popular NBA families. It consists of NBA player Michael Carter-Williams, his daughter Charleigh Carter-Williams, his parents Earl Williams and Mandy Zegarowski, his step-parents Zach Zegarowski and Rosa Williams, and his siblings Masey, Marcus, Max, and Adrian. They currently live in Hamilton, Massachusetts; and Boston, Massachusetts.


Family Members Relation to player Biography
Michael Carter-Williams NBA Player Michael has won NBA Rookie of the Year Award. He previously played for Philadephia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Hornets, and Houston Rockets.
Charleigh Williams Michael's daughter Charleigh is Michael's first child with his fiancée Tia. She is the first child to have hyphenated last name.
Earl Williams Michael's father Earl graduated from Salem State University where he was a member of men's basketball team
Mandy Zegarowski Michael's mother Mandy was a high school girls basketball coach at Ipswich High School. She played basketball at Salem State University.
Zach Zegarowski Michael's stepfather Zach played college basketball at UMass Lowell and was an assistant coach at Charlestown High School.
Rosa Williams Michael's stepmother Rosa Williams who was Rosa Rodriguez before her marriage to Earl is a middle school teacher.
Masey Zegarowski Michael's sister Masey is Michael's younger sister and plays college basketball at Bryant University. She plays the point guard position.
Marcus Zegarowski Michael's brother Marcus is Michael's younger brother and plays college basketball at Creighton University. He plays the point guard position.
Max Zegarowski Michael's brother Max is Michael's younger brother and plays college basketball at Lynn University. He plays the shooting guard position.
Adrian Williams Michael's brother Adrian is Michael's youngest brother and plays basketball at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.

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