Westbrook Family
from left to right Raynard Westbrook, Nina Westbrook, Russell Westbrook,Shannon Westbrook, and Russell Westbrook


Noah Westbrook

The Westbrook Family, better known as Russell Westbrook's family is one of the most popular nba families. It consists of Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook, his wife Nina Westbrook, his children Noah, Skye, and Jordyn Westbrook, his parents Russell and Shannon Westbrook, and his brother Raynard. They currently live in Long Beach, California and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Family Members Relation to player Biography
Russell Westbrook NBA player Russell has won NBA Most Valuable Player, where he became one of two players in NBA history to average a triple-double for a season.
Nina Westbrook Russell's wife Nina Westbrook who was Nina Earl before her marriage to Russell played college basketball for the UCLA Bruins.
Noah Westbrook Russell's son Noah is Russell's oldest child. His middle name is Russell to honor his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.
Skye Westbrook Russell's daughter Skye is Russell's middle child and the twin sister of Jordyn. She was born five days after her father's bday.
Jordyn Westbrook Russell's daughter Jordyn is Russell's youngest child and the twin sister of Skye. She was born five days after her father's bday.
Russell Westbrook Russell's father Russell is named after his father and name his first son after him. He is very supportive of both his sons.
Shannon Westbrook Russell's mother Shannon Westbrook who was Shannon Horton before her marriage to Russell is very supportive of her sons.
Raynard Westbrook Russell's brother Raynard is Russell's younger brother and played college football at Central Oklahoma. He played the running back position.

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