Taahirah O'Neal
Born July 18 1996 () (age 22)
Residence Houston, Texas
Nationality American
Known for Daughter of Shaquille O'Neal
Parents Shaquille O'Neal (father)
Arnetta Yardbourgh (mother)
Relatives Shareef O'Neal (half-brother)
Amirah O'Neal (half-sister)
Shaqir O'Neal (half-brother)
Me'arah O'Neal (half-sister)

Taahirah O'Neal (born July 18, 1996) is an American pop singer, and celebutante. She is the daughter of Hall of Fame NBA player Shaquille O'Neal

Biography Edit

O'Neal is the only child of Hall of Fame National Basketball Association player Shaquille O'Neal and Arnetta Yardbourgh. Through her father, she has two younger half-brothers Shareef and Shaqir and two younger half-sisters Amirah and Me'arah.

O'Neal lives in Houston, Texas, with her mother. A devoted daughter, community activist, and sister, has dedicated her life to supporting her father in all his endeavors, both on and off the court. She plays an active role in fund raising and development and in supporting various organizations and charities in Houston, where she presently resides.

She sponsors The Trevor Project that creates powerful awareness for an audience of young people who will be able to participate in philanthropy and support a cause that affects many of their peers. Along the way, she has received help, encouragement, vision and motivation from her friends and family.  

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