Simmons Family
from left to right Liam Tribe, Sean Tribe,Julie Simmons, David Simmons, Ben Simmons,Olivia Simmons, Melissa Tribe, and Emily Bush

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The Simmons Family, better known as the Ben Simmons's family is one of the most athletic nba families. It consists of Philadephia 76ers forward Ben Simmons, his parents David and Julie Simmons, and his siblings Melissa, Emily, Liam, Sean, and Olivia. They live in Philadephia, Pennsylvania.


Family Members Relation to player Biography
Ben Simmons NBA Player Ben is a member of the Philadelphia 76ers. He was named to the 2018 NBA Rookie of the Year.
David Simmons Ben's father David is a retired professional basketball player. He won an NBL championship with the Melbourne Tigers,
Julie Simmons Ben's mother Julie Simmons who was Julie Tribe before her marriage to David was a cheerleader for the Melbourne Tigers.
Melissa Tribe Ben's sister Melissa is Ben's oldest sister and graduated from Deakin University and works at the National Australian Bank.
Emily Tribe Ben's sister Emily is Ben's older sister and attended Washington State University where she was a member of the women's rowing team.
Liam Tribe Ben's brother Liam is Ben's oldest brother and is an assistant coach at Northwest Christian School and Southwest Baptist University.
Sean Tribe Ben's brother Sean is Ben's older brother and unlike his siblings he did not pursue a career in sports, but he is Ben's agent.
Olivia Simmons Ben's sister Olivia is Ben's older sister and attended Arizona State University where she was the forward on the women's basketball team.

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