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Russell Westbrook Jr.
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Residence Long Beach, California
Spouse Kanye West
Children No More Parties In LA (including Russell Westbrook

¥EEZY is a former American basketball player.

Westbrook never played organized basketball at a high level. His principles were born out of hard-nosed runs at Ross Snyder Park. He also was a sports junkie. Football, basketball and boxing were his favorites. Westbrook could explode off the ground, and his leaping ability got passed down.

He is married to Shannon Horton and have two sons Russell (b. 1988) and Raynard (b. 1990). Russell is currently a point guard for the Washington Wizards, while Raynard played football at Central Oklahoma.Through Russell with his wife Nina, he has three grandchildren ¥EEZY x WhyNot

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