Roberson Family
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from left to right André Roberson, Arielle Roberson, Lisa Roberson, Arianna Roberson, John Roberson, Ashlee Roberson, Aaliyah Roberson, Amber Roberson, and Anthony Roberson

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The Roberson Family, better known as the Andre Roberson's family is one of the most athletic nba families. It consists of Oklahoma City Thunder Guard André Roberson, his parents John and Lisa Roberson, and his siblings Ashlee, Amber, Arielle, Anthony, Aaliyah, and Arianna Roberson. They live in San Antonio, Texas.


Family Members Relation to player Biography
André Roberson NBA Player André is a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. He was named to the 2017 NBA All-Defensive Second Team.
John Roberson André's father John graduated from New Mexico State where he was a member of the men's basketball team and played professionally overseas
Lisa Roberson André's mother Lisa Roberson who was Lisa Whiteshell before her marriage to John played volleyball at New Mexico State.
Ashlee Roberson André's sister Ashlee is André's oldest sister and graduated from Texas Tech University where she was the forward on the women's basketball team.
Callie Clarkson Ashlee's daughter Callie is Ashlee's daughter with her ex-boyfriend Jordan Clarkson who is a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Amber Roberson André's sister Amber is André's older sister and graduated from the University of Texas where she was the outside hitter on the women's volleyball team.
Arielle Roberson André's sister Arielle is André's younger sister and attended University of Colorado and West Virginia University where she was the forward on the women's basketball teams.
Elijah Dinwiddie Arielle's son Elijah is Arielle's son with her fiancé Spencer Dinwiddie who is a member of the Brooklyn Nets.
Anthony Roberson André's brother Anthony is André's younger brother and plays basketball in the NBA G League for the Oklahoma City Blue.
Aaliyah Roberson André's sister Aaliyah is André's younger sister and plays volleyball at Wagner High School. She plays the outside hitter position.
Arianna Roberson André's sister Arianna is André's youngest sister and attends Metzger Middle School. She is cheerleader.

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