Phoenix and Lennox Bosh
Born March 15 2016 () (age 3)
Miami, Florida
Residence Austin, Texas
Nationality American
Known for Sons of Chris Bosh
Parents Chris Bosh (father)
Adrienne Bosh (mother)
Relatives Trinity Bosh (half-sister)
Jack Bosh (brother)
Dylan Bosh (sister)

Phoenix Avery Bosh and Lennox Noel Bosh (born March 15, 2016) are the sons of former National Basketball Association player Chris Bosh. They are twins and are referred to as the Bosh brothers or Bosh twins.

Biography Edit

The Boshes were born on March 15, 2016, to retired National Basketball Association player Chris Bosh and model Adrienne Bosh. They have an older brother Jack, and two older sisters Trinity and Dylan. His mother is Hispanic and his father is African-American.

#PhoenixAvery : Our Happy Guy, 1st born Twin, Mommy's lookalike for sure 😊dimples and all😍 They say a Phoenix is born from the 🔥....we felt the name was fitting for our own little firestarter-Full Of Energy...Always ready to go...Already crawling, Standing up alone, pulling up, I know that you can't wait to chase after your big brother Jack! You bring me such Joy, I watch your bright eyes light up as they discover the world. 🌎 It's like a 6th sense I have with you..I can feel you from another room. When I watch you it's as if I know what you are about to do, or try to get into before you even do it. It's like I can see the wheels in your mind turning...either that or with 5 kids maybe I'm just getting the Mommy "magic touch" 😜🙌🏽😂 I hope that no matter how fast you may grow that you will always squeal with laughter anytime you see my "tickle fingers" coming! #BoshFamily #BoshTwins

#LennoxNoel : To the Baby of our family...the last born..the youngest one...even if only by minutes...I wonder how much longer I'll be able to hold you like this...I know your brother Jack's legs almost touch the floor when I try to hold him now.😳😂 I'll cherish this moment and treasure it knowing how fast it will fly by😩 You will be walking and running soon, far too busy to slow down for mommy's kisses. I'll blink and in an instant You will be off on an adventure to slay bad guys or practice your ninja moves I'm sure. But till then I'll hold you a little closer and kiss you a little longer😊 #BoshTwins #BoshFamily

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