Jackson Bosh
Born May 3 2012 () (age 7)
Miami, Florida
Residence Austin, Texas
Nationality American
Known for Son of Chris Bosh
Parents Chris Bosh (father)
Adrienne Bosh (mother)
Relatives Trinity Bosh (half-sister)
Dylan Bosh (sister)
Phoenix Bosh (brother)
Lennox Bosh (brother)

Jackson Anthony Bosh (born May 3, 2012) is an American student who attends St. Austin Catholic School in Austin, Texas. Bosh is the son of former National Basketball Association player Chris Bosh.

Biography Edit

Born in Miami, Bosh is the son of retired National Basketball Association player Chris Bosh and model Adrienne Bosh and has four siblings. He has two sisters Trinity and Dylan and two younger brothers Phoenix and Lennox Bosh. His mother is Hispanic and his father is African-American.

Bosh is named after his grandfather and his great-grandfather.

Jackson Anthony: My Prince! Our First Born son, Named after his Great Grandad and Grandpa, My rock, My Go to, My Guy! You were the First time I felt life kicking within my belly!! There's something amazing about a mother and son😍 You and me will always be...for the first time you said "MOMMY" you created true ✨magic✨ in me. Every day you say, "Mommy, Let's Measure." And I know I only have a limited number of days before you "measure" and see that you are taller than me!😜😂 Regardless of who's taller, I know that You know I will always have your back 👊🏽 Even if I can't pick you up anymore!

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