Chris Paul Jr.

Born May 23 2009 () (age 11)
New Orleans, Louisiana
Nationality American
Known for Son of Chris Paul
Parents Chris Paul (father)
Jada Paul (mother)
Relatives Camryn Paul (sister)

Christopher Emmanuel Paul II (born May 23, 2009) is an American third generation celebrity, and is best known for being the son of National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar Chris Paul.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Paul is the oldest child of National Basketball Association player Chris Paul and Jada Paul, and has a younger sister Camryn Paul.

He made his debut on television in an episode of Family Feud with the rest of his family. He has been featured in articles on ESPN and SB Nation.

From an early age it became evident Chris Paul Jr. was a special young man. Paul first burst onto the scene with this now iconic video of him interrupting his dad's press conference. A pioneer in the NBA kid game, CPJ was the first known NBA kid to execute this manuever. He excels in the spotlight making numerous appearances at press conferences, games, and other events such as All-Star Weekend. He also goes by "CPJ" and "Lil' Chris" 

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