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Charles Paul
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Residence Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Alma mater Winston-Salem State University
Spouse Robin Paul
Children 2 (including Chris Paul)

Charles Edward Paul is the father of Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul.


Paul was born in Anderson, South Carolina, but his family moved to Winston-Salem when he was four. He went to several schools because of forced busing, and wound up graduating from East Forsyth, where he played football, then went on to Winston-Salem State. Paul worked at a Philips electronics plant that made surveillance equipment. He was a manager of a local gym and started playing pickup games. Paul spent his entire 401(k) to pay the fees so my brother and I could play AAU basketball. He was an assistant coach at West Forsyth in Chris' junior and senior years, when Chris blossomed into a McDonald's All-American.

Personal Life[]

Paul met his wife, Robin, at church, and they have two sons, Charles and Chris, who is the starting point guard for the Phoenix Suns "We went to the same church. Our parents were friends. Over the years, we were dating others, and we were just friends and church associates. And then one day, just all of a sudden. I guess she couldn't stand me and I couldn't stand her, and we just got together. But we were just friends for a long time." He has two grandchildren, Chris and Camryn Paul, through Chris, with his wife Jada.

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