Carter Curry
Born May 9 2018 () (age 1)
Los Angeles, California
Parents Seth Curry (father)
Callie Curry (mother)
Relatives: Doc Rivers (grandfather)
Stephen Curry (uncle)

Carter Lynn "CeCe" Curry (born May 9, 2018) is the granddaughter of Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers and niece of current NBA player Stephen Curry.


Born in Los Angeles, California, Curry is the daughter of National Basketball Association player Seth Curry and former Florida Gators women's volleyball player Callie Curry. She is the granddaughter of Dell Curry and Doc Rivers and niece of Stephen Curry and Austin Rivers. Curry comes from a family of athletes. Both of her grandfathers are former NBA players and two of her uncles are NBA players as well. Her paternal grandmother and aunt played volleyball in college just like her mother. Curry is the first person to be a member of two different NBA families.

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