Beal Family
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from left to right: Brandon Beal, Byron Beal, Besta Beal, Bradley Beal, Bryon Beal, Bruce Beal


Brad's father

The Beal Family, better known as Bradley Beal's family is one of the most athletic nba families. It consists of Washington Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal, his son Deuce Beal, his parents Bobby and Besta Beal, and his brothers Brandon, Bruce, Byron, and Bryon Beal. They currently live in St. Louis, Missouri.

Family Edit

Family Members Relation to player Biography
Bradley Beal NBA player Bradley is a member of the Washington Wizards. He was named the 2018 NBA All-Star Team.
Deuce Beal Bradley's son Deuce is Bradley's first child with his girlfriend Kamiah. His first name is Bradley to honor his father.
Bobby Beal Bradley's father Bobby played college football for Kentucky State University. He played outside linebacker position.
Besta Beal Bradley's mother Besta Beal who was Besta Stokes before her marriage to Bobby played college basketball at Kentucky State.
Brandon Beal Bradley's brother Brandon is Bradley's oldest brother and played college football at Northern Illinois. He played tight end.
Bruce Beal Bradley's brother Bruce is Bradley's older brother and played college football at Alabama State. He was an offensive lineman.
Byron Beal Bradley's brother Byron is Bradley's younger brother and played college football at  Lindenwood University. He is an offensive linemen.
Bryon Beal Bradley's brother Bryon is Bradley's youngest brother and played college football at  Lindenwood University. He is an defensive linemen.

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