Azurie Irving
Born November 23 2015 () (age 5)
Dallas, Texas
Residence Dallas, Texas
Parents Kyrie Irving (father)
Andrea Wilson (mother)
Relatives Elizabeth Irving (grandmother, deceased)

Azurie Elizabeth Irving (born November 23, 2015)  is the daughter of National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar Kyrie Irving.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born in Dallas, Texas, Irving is the daughter of National Basketball Association player Kyrie Irving and former beauty pageant queen Andrea Wilson. Her mother is white and her father is African-American. Both of her grandparents were All-Americans in their respective sports during college at Boston University. She was given the middle name of Elizabeth to honor her late paternal grandmother.

Irving lives in Dallas, Texas, with her mother. Her father resides in West Orange, New Jersey since he plays basketball for the Brooklyn Nets which is 1,557.7 miles away from Dallas. Kyrie is known for for being very private about his relationship with his daughter, although he has appeared to become more relaxed over the years.

Her father has shown the world how much he really loves his daughter. He does many dedication to his child such as during every game that he plays in he has often featured her initials on his game-worn shoes, as well as on the sole of his custom Nike line of sneakers. She also/ goes to school

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